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Key to Volunteering

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    Held here in Stockton was our annual Greek festival. This year, SECA key club members volunteered and took part in it.

    They started off with small tasks, such as helping set up chairs and tables prior to the event. As people started arriving, they directed cars and helped with the children.

   “I was expecting to direct cars, but I ended up taking care of little kids in the kids’ center.” Monica Bautista (12) said. There, she and the other volunteers insured the children’s safety as they hopped around in the jump houses.

    Volunteering was more than just community service for the key clubbers. They got to meet new people, learn about the Greek culture, try new foods, and much more!

   “I met some nice key clubbers from Bear Creek, and this little boy was really attached to me. It was good seeing how a little boy could trust someone he had just met.  Also, it felt nice seeing that parents trusted you with their children. I feel like that has a lot to say about their culture. I enjoyed volunteering and would go again.” explained Bautista. 

     As the event came to an end, Key Club members wiped down tables, cleaned up, and got ready to go. 

     SECA’s key club members had an overall good time. Some, much like Bautista, enjoyed creating new bonds and getting a feel of what the Greek culture is all about. Meanwhile, others, like Carmen Hoang (11), just really enjoyed the food. Either way, volunteering was a success!


Monica Bautista (12) cleans up after the event. The Greek festival took place from Friday September 11th, to Sunday, September !3th.

Monica Bautista (12) cleans up after the event. The event took place from Friday September 11th, to Sunday, September 13th.



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Key to Volunteering