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Meet the Pack


Christina Amos (12) was born in Hayward is the middle child between three siblings. She likes the color black and blue, and her favorite hobbies are to sleep and eat. She also likes to listen to music and play video games. Her favorite subject in school is mathematics and she hopes to attend University of the Pacific to major in computer science after she graduates from SECA.

Nina Arroyo (11) was born in Stockton, California, on October 10, 2001. Her hobbies include cheerleading and boxing. In a few years, she wants to major in psychology, and get a job as a therapist. She is not sure what college she plans to attend yet, but will know in the future. Arroyo took journalism in 7th and 8th grade, and liked the experience, so she decided to take the class again in high school. Her favorite part of Journalism is interviewing and talking to new people.

Eric Chen (12) was born on April 25th, 2000, in Brooklyn, New York. His hobbies include practicing web design and keeping up with current fashion trends. The school he attended before SECA was John Adams Elementary. In the future, Chen wants to be a dentist. He is not completely sure where he wants to attend college, but believes UC Irvine may be a possibility. He enjoys being in journalism because he wanted to have a part in creating the yearbook and being able to work on web and design.

Myra Guzman (12) was born in Stockton on May 2, 2000. She decided to attend SECA because it will help her prepare for her future and Journalism helps her find an interesting class that ties in with her Graphic Design dreams. She would like to major in Psychology, Graphic Design, or Journalism. Whichever major she chooses, it is her goal to attend San Jose State University. Apart from focusing on school, Guzman has found an interest of always being on her phone, watching Netflix, listening to music, and bringing random oranges to school.

Hanna Lao (12) was born in Stockton, California on August 12, 2000. Her hobbies include playing piano, singing, dancing, and drawing. She does not know what she wants as a career yet, but knows what colleges she is interested in. Lao plans on either attending UC Berkeley or the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Lao enjoys being in Journalism because she likes working with other students and being constantly busy.

Janette Peguero (12) was born in St. Joseph’s Hospital in San Joaquin County on March 8, 2000. She has two brothers but also has a little sister. This is her fourth year being in Journalism, and her favorite color is purple. She wants to go to Stanford, UC Davis, or Cornell to study zoology because she likes working with animals and wants to become an animal doctor.

Erik Vann (12) was born on September 10, 2000 in Stockton. When Vann graduated from 8th grade, he had to choose between Middle College or SECA, which he decided on SECA since it would give him a good education to help him become a Computer Engineer while giving him a traditional high school experience. He enjoys being in Journalism because it has allowed him to be social and more confident with other people.




Rose Aguilera (9) was born and raised in Stockton, she has two brothers and two sisters. This is her first year in Journalism and looks forward to being a part of this class. She came to SECA for the opportunity to take free college classes. After graduating from SECA she wants to attend UC Dominican and major in a nursing program. After graduating from college she wants to be close to Stockton and her family. Three words that she describes herself with are: responsible, grateful, and determined.

Mikaela Bongcaron (9) loves drawing anime-style characters. She’s been drawing since the 3rd grade, progressing from stick figures to original characters she made by her own imagination. Mikaela’s favorite color is purple and loves reading and drawing in her spare time. Her favorite anime series is Black Butler and her favorite food is spicy ramen.


Mikaela Bosch (9) was born in Naga City, Phillipines on October 26, 2003. Before attending SECA, Mikaela attended August
Knodt Elementary School. She wanted to go to SECA because she wanted to be
challenged academically. Her favorite color is grey, and her hobbies include singing,
dancing and playing guitar. “Music has been a part of my life ever since I was a baby,” she
said. Mikaela wanted to join journalism because it looked fun from the high school movies. Mikaela wants to be a computer
engineer when she grows up and plans on attending MIT.

Erika Capuyon (9) is a SECA freshman who came here because her brother is a SECA alumni. She was born on February 19, 2003 in Stockton, California. Her hobbies include playing a variety of instruments such as piano, ukulele, and violin, and she also enjoys playing tennis in her free time. For fun she enjoys watching movies and doing aikido, a Japanese martial art style.


Kenia Castro Avila (9) is the youngest child of two siblings and was born in French Camp.  Her favorite food to eat is ceviche. She likes to binge watch any anime show.  Kenia likes to play video games, read, play basketball, volleyball, go on social media, and on the internet on her free time.  She also likes hanging out with her friends whenever she can.  Her favorite movie is “The Maze Runner” and her favorite song is Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Esmeralda Chavelas (10) was born on April 30, 2002 in French Camp, California. She is the oldest out of her two younger sisters and enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, reading, and listening to music. She decided to join SECA because she wanted to attend a small school and take on bigger challenges academically. Esmeralda joined journalism because she enjoys writing and she also wanted to be more outgoing by getting to know more people. Her future plans are to become a marine biologist and to travel the world with her loved ones, since she enjoys exploring new places.

David De Jesus (11) was born on October 27, 2001, in San Jose, California. He found an interest in writing and creating stories, and thus has been in journalism for 3 years. During these 3 years, he has learned how to write unbiasedly, and take the skills he learned out to the real world. “I feel like the author from Once Upon A Time” David said. He also recommends people who love writing to give journalism a try.

Stefany Dominguez (9) was born on January 20, 2003, in Stockton California. The school she previously attended before SECA was Dolores Huerta. Her first impression of SECA was that it was very welcoming, then she noticed she couldn’t waste any time. Dominguez enjoys listening to music and writing. She also likes to run and enjoys eating. She is really looking forward to being a photographer at SECA and interviewing people for the yearbook.

Elizabeth Flores Gomez (9) was born on February 9, 2003 in San Jose, California. She is the oldest of two younger siblings, and she chose to attend SECA because she thinks it will give her a head start in life. In the future, she hopes to acquire a career in social media. She enjoys doodling, reading books, watching YouTube videos, and scrolling through her Instagram on her spare time. Elizabeth has five pets, a dog named Steven and four guinea pigs whose names are Cheesecake, Teddy, Britney, and Keysha.

Madeline Furtado (9) was born on November 28, 2003. She is an only child and loves photography. Madeline has plenty of favorite colors: black, pastel pink, and blue. She likes to draw and listen to music when she can. Her current favorite song is Sunset Love by Petit Biscuit and her favorite food are pizza and tacos. Madeline joined Yearbook because the experience would be beneficial to her and her passion for photography, making the class her favorite.

Andy Guzman-Garcia (10) is a hardworking student here at SECA. Andy was originally from Redwood City for about 13 years. His first school was North Star Academy in Redwood City, then he moved to Stockton about 2 years ago and attended Kennedy Elementary. Andy joined SECA mostly because he could not pass the great opportunity this school provides. His main hobby is watching movies. The two words that Andy would use to describe himself would be goofy and sarcastic. He tries not to be too abrasive or unwelcoming and usually tries to make people comfortable. By interacting with people on a more personal level, Andy will be a successful journalist.

Yusen Mei (10) was born on January 15, 2002. He decided to join yearbook because he looks forward to having fun. Around campus, you’re most likely going to find him hanging out with his friends. He calms down his stress by biking to the river, enjoying the cool air brushing past him, watching the ebbs and flows of the water. In a situation where he could either push himself or quit, he would choose the former. If given $1 million, he would donate a fourth to charity, some to his family, and with the rest he would do business.

Carolyn Moua (9) was born in Stockton California, on December 21, 2002. Carolyn’s hobbies are drawing, video editing, and she is also the oldest from her 4 siblings. Carolyn is here at SECA for great opportunities, and she hopes to gain college credits as she graduates. When Carolyn succeeds in the future, she wants to be a technical engineer. Carolyn’s recent school was Rio Calaveras before she attended SECA. Carolyn joined journalism because she wanted to be apart of the community.  Her favorite food is pizza, and her favorite movie is Spirited Away. Carolyn hopes to succeed while she is in SECA.

Diana Ortiz-Villagran (11) has been living in Stockton for most of her life. She decided to join SECA because she thought it would be nice to get a fresh new start. Her plans for the future are to go into the medical fields. She would like to be a women’s doctor and help out with birth because she thinks it’s an amazing part of life. She hopes to even find her own McSteamy. She loves reading, mainly journals from the past, because she says that reading opens doors to another world. She loves binge watching her favorite Netflix shows: Grey’s Anatomy and Jane the Virgin. She loves enchiladas, especially when they are spicy and she could eat them everyday.

Bruce Pimentel (9) grew up in Stockton, California. He hails from the elementary school of Great Valley Academy in Weston Ranch. He applied to SECA with his twin brother after hearing good reports from his cousin. Bruce is the oldest of the two twins. He says that “there is no difference” in being the older twin. Bruce joined Journalism on accident when the class appeared on his schedule. However, he didn’t drop Journalism after finding the class to be interesting. His favorite thing to do when he’s not busy is to play video games like Call of Duty and have some fun on the basketball court. His favorite fast food is Jack In the Box.

Kayley Potosme (11) was born on December 29, 2001 in Stockton. She is the youngest of 2 siblings. Her favorite things to do on her free time are to watch Grey’s Anatomy, makeup tutorials, and vlogs on YouTube. Kayley’s favorite color is blue and her most enjoyable meal is her mom’s lasagna, but also loves In-N-Out. Potosme is also a HUGE fan of artists Drake, The Weeknd, and Demi Lovato. Her favorite travel destination is Hawaii because “It is very calm and perfect”. Lastly in the future she plans to graduate from SECA and major in psychology.

Rosario Ramos (11) came to SECA because of the 2 years of college reduction provided in the program. She expected responsible and mature students to accompany her, and although things can get out of hand at times, she enjoys it here. Her first impression of SECA was that it was welcoming and fun, and thought that her socially awkwardness would cause tension between her and other people. Nonetheless, her outgoing and confident personality is what allowed her to prevail over the piles and piles of homework that she wasn’t used to. In her free time, Ramos likes to watch K-Dramas on Netflix, knit, crochet, and read a large variety of genres–but mainly novels. Her favorite food is Carne Apache, which is ground beef with some lemon juice. She is in a deadlock between two movies–Saving Private Ryan and Mr. Nobody–which she can’t decide her favorite.

Chantrea Sarom (9) was born on December 30th, 2002. She chose to come to SECA  for the college credits, and has goals of becoming rich. Though somewhat disappointed with a few of her classes, she is satisfied with college class. Chantrea has 2 older sisters, and in her spare time enjoys swimming, drawing and occasionally solving puzzles. 


Sahib Singh (9) was born on July 29, 2003, in Stockton CA. Before coming to SECA Singh attended Ben Holt. His first impression of SECA was “I’m screwed, but then I know if I work hard it won’t be difficult”. He enjoys listening to music, rebuilding engines, racing, swimming, and weightlifting. He likes cars, dogs, the color matte black & his favorite food is chicken. Singh’s favorite movies are the Fast & Furious series. He is looking forward to being in Journalism this year.

Jaden Susbilla (10) was born on November 11, 2002, and has lived in Stockton his whole life. He attended Commodore Stockton Skills School before he attended SECA. In the future, Jaden wants to become a mechanical engineer because he loves building things. His hobbies include playing basketball, video games, going on social media, and hanging out at the teen center. He also likes playing the guitar, ukulele, and piano in his free time. Jaden describes himself as confident and says you only get one chance to live, so you might as well live your life being confident in yourself. He has a love for puns, memes, and is almost always tired. 

Jerome Tangalin (11) is an only child born in the Philippines. He likes the color black, and one of his favorite hobbies is to draw. Whatever pops into his head, he will draw it. He likes how journalism is like a family. One of his favorite things to do in journalism class is to take pictures. Tangalin considers history to be his favorite subject in school. He does not know what he wants to major in, nor has he decided on a college to attend after leaving SECA.

Aidan Tongco (9) is fourteen years old and is a freshman in SECA, one of the best schools here in the state of California. His favorite color is green and likes to watch the news so he will know what is happening in the world right now and its problems. He chose SECA because of the amazing teachers teaching there. He is best at math and not so much of a history type of guy. When he grows up he wants to be a chemical engineer because he enjoys math and chemistry. This year, he wants to dunk a ball in a basketball game. The colleges that he wants to apply in the future are Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Caltech. His favorite genre of music is electronic music, and his dream car is a Royce car because he said that “it looked cool and looks expensive looking.”

Yaritza Vaca (10) was born on July 19, 2002 in Stockton, California. In her free time she enjoys eating as well as napping and her favorite subject in school is math. Her favorite part of the year is when she and her family take their annual trip to Michoacan, Mexico. The reason why she decided to attend SECA was mainly because it was a small school and to get a head start in college. Yaritza enjoys writing, which is why she joined Journalism but also to try out new things when it comes to writing articles about others. She is not sure as to what career she wants, but she is stuck between a lawyer and a plastic surgeon.

Julian Vazquez (11) came to SECA because his best friend came here and he wanted to go on this journey with her. He was born on August 26, 2001. His favorite color Purple, his favorite tv show is the Simpsons. Julian’s favorite place to go is Mexico. On his freetime, Vazquez enjoys drawing and playing video games. His favorite food is Chancho con Yuka. Vazquez’s favorite subject is History, although he plans to pursue Architecture as a career. Vazquez would like to attend San Diego state after finishing High school at SECA.

Nestly Villalobos (11) has been breathing Stockton, California’s fresh air her entire life.  Nestly saw an opportunity at SECA, and  took the challenge since she wants to pursue a career of becoming a teacher. She describes SECA as a rollercoaster since she was spooked by the stress of college classes, the piles of homework, and not knowing that many people to interact with. Her views have changed since she now plans to be the first in her family to not graduate from Franklin High School, but from SECA. Nestly spends her extra time by sleeping, binge watching Netflix shows, and spends time with her baby brother, Bryan, eating at In-N-Out.

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Meet the Pack