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The Other Water Crisis

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Many people have heard about the water drought in California. However, it’s not the only place in the United States with trouble of water. The city of Flint, Michigan has been at a water crisis for a numerous amount of years. There water supply has been contaminated with high levels of lead. This lead to a widespread emergency water plan for the city as they were running out of clean water to consume and use.

The cause of the water crisis is due to financial problems set forth by the city’s financial plans which were said to be run like a “business” instead of normally. They had opted to a route where they would acquire there water from the corrosive Flint River with aging pipes that leaked lead instead of fixing them like they should have. Flint wanted to save money over 5 million dollars over the next two years in April 2014 so they chose the Flint River instead of the other option of purchasing water from the treated Lake Huron water from Detroit.

According to New York Times, president Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in due to Flint having water troubles due to the amount of lead being exposed. The government has sent money to Flint, Michigan so they would be able to purchase medical supplies, water, and etc. These supplies will allow the residents of Flint to have clean water and be treated for their exposure to lead. Soon residents will be able to have clean water after plans to remove the lead pipes are in place.

“I do think we should save drinking water as water is necessary to maintain life,” Wilson Siano (10) said.

People who come from a poorer part of town may also experience issues such as this especially with the drought occurring. The water in the Stockton area may not be as bad as Flint’s, it still doesn’t excuse us citizens to not help make changes so that water is not an issue for residents of the communities all around the United States.

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The Other Water Crisis