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The SECA Crest!

Adelisa Creighton, Seca Crest

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Stockton Early College Academy recently received a new addition to the gym floor that may have surprised welcoming and returning students. A fierce wolf with bold black, red, and gold colors stood in the center. This wasn’t just the first time students were exposed to this new idea but the first time SECA had a crest.  

“I was picky about the way the wolf’s hair was placed”, says Joshaua Thom, the principle of SECA. “Everything had to come in place perfectly”.

Over the summer was when the idea of having crest came to mind. Of course this took a lot of work. The floor as a first step  had to be redone, in order to start applying the crest. In the process of creating the design of  it, Alumni , Mysia Cristobal, helped Thom transfer the drawings from an idea to reality by using a computer. Jibran Sota, an alumni as well, also took a great part in helping when shaping the circle just right contributing many hours of hard work and ideas. In addition, the school district played a part in the graphic designing.

         “There was a debate on whether or not for the wolf to appear fierce or friendly”, Thom claims.

The plan was to originally get a new floor but with Thom’s asking of one specific design, the SECA crest was made. Originally the wolf was suppose to stand on all fours appearing friendly, but the idea of a fierce wolf head was favored more. This crest, after sanding the floor, “took a total of seven days to apply and two days of drying”, said Thom.  

On August 3,2016, the hard work, dedication, and hours put into the gym floor and most importantly the SECA crest had paid off. The crest caught the attention of not only students eyes  but the teachers as well, and is now apart of the Stockton Early College Academy.

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The SECA Crest!