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Mexican Teen View on Trump Campaign

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Beginning in 1988, Donald Trump has always tried to run for presidency. This year, on June 16, he announced that he was running yet again.

“Donald trump’s view on Mexico and illegal immigration is very negative. His views and thoughts makes racism even worse. If he gets elected, we’re screwed,” according to Luna Miranda (10).

In Trump’s 45 minute announcement of candidacy, his words and tone were rather negative. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have problems and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re bringing rapists,” spoke Trump.

“Trump shouldn’t be able to run because the majority of America is Hispanic, and if his views of Mexico are like that then he might as well get rid of all of America. In a sense, I am afraid because if he does get elected, he could find a way to send all of us,”according to Gabriel Granja (10).

Donald Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again!”

“His slogan is good but it doesn’t have a good purpose. He thinks that he’s trying to fix America, but the way he’s doing it isn’t making it better. Hispanic and Mexicans make up most of America, and it’s just going to be his downfall in this presidential campaign,” Roberto Juarez (10) says.

Lastly, Donald Trump intends to complete the Mexican border fence and make Mexico pay for it.

“It’s offensive that he’s making Mexico not only build but pay for our own hell gate. Not only is it offensive, but he should at least think about spitting it because it will more beneficial for the US. This also worries me because not only mine but other families could be separated and loose everything we have in the US,” said Maryann Estrada (10)

In a Mexican Teenage View, it’s not only worrisome,but that it is a bad idea for him to be elected.


This is Donald Trump on June 16, 2015 giving his speech about his running campaign.

Donald Trump on June 16, 2015 gives his speech about his running campaign.

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Mexican Teen View on Trump Campaign